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AcitvePresenter Free Download Latest for Windows

ActivePresenter latest version free download for Windows PC. It is also available for Mac, Android, iPhone etc. It supports Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10 having 64 bit operating system only.
Name ActivePresenter
Developer Atomisystems.com
Platforms 64 bit only
Version v7.5.11
Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
File Size 45.6 MB

ActivePresenter for PC

ActivePresenter is a display recording, video editing, and eLearning authoring  tool with a selection range of effective features, assisting you to seize display screen and edit captured videos in a rely of minutes.
  ActivePresenter is well known as one of the best screen recording and interactive eLearning authoring tools that allow you to record computer screen either with or without Full Motion Recording, and Smart Capture
   ActivePresenter additionally may be used to transform Microsoft PowerPoint shows to one among its output formats despite the fact that lacking a few animations and results similarly to transform between severa video formats indirectly. It’s not only about recording screen but also editing videos, slides and creating comprehensive training lectures Using ActivePresenter, you will find it easy to create information-rich video demonstrations, interactive software simulations and engaging eLearning courses whenever you need without the Internet connection and code required
      Create professional screen casts that contain stunning annotations and outcomes, high-decision graphics, movies, and voiceovers. You can capture any software on your computer, personalize it without trouble through adding history music, closed caption, zoom-n-pan, etc., and ultimately export it to popular outputs (video, document) that may run on any device or platform.
  After that, you can edit your works with endless amazing functions. It’s not only about recording screen but also editing videos, slides and creating comprehensive training lectures
Activepresenter for Windows free download


ActivePresenter has been developed through Atomic Systems Inc. because 2007. Version 1.0 was released in October 2008 and became to be had in online marketplace six months later with 3 editions, including unfastened of rate edition
Type: Screencasting and eLearning software.
Developer(s): Atomi Systems

Record Video Demonstrations with ActivePresenter

Let say you need to create a video demo. Chances are you want to file your movements on display and edit movies when finished. You would possibly also additionally desire to produce other things in the video like your face and voice. In this case, the Record Video function in ActivePresenter is the best preference for you. In this tutorial, I will display you steps to attempt this.

Selecting Record Video

ActivePresenter offers you alternatives to file video. First, create a present day video demo as a new video assignment. Second, when you have already had a venture, for example, a schooling course, and now you want to characteristic a video demo to provide an explanation for the steps, you can file video as a video slide.

Specifying the Capture Area

ActivePresenter gives you strategies to specify the seize place. One is using the blue rectangle to try this manually. But if you need to have more alternatives, simply paintings with the Capture Area phase in the Record Video Project dialog.
In the Record Video Project dialog, the Capture Area segment is a useful characteristic. The call says it all. That is, this phase offers two seize modes: Full Screen and Custom. Choose one in each of them to specify the capture region.
The Full Screen mode is ideal to go along with if you want to seize the complete screen. By doing so, the whole display will be treated as the seize place.
The Custom mode offers you the potential to report a partial screen. This mode additionally comes with a good way to please you, for sure.
• Enter the width and top value inside the Size spin boxes. or, click on the Preset Sizes button (1) to choose a preset from the list.
• Select Lock to software take a look at field to lock the blue rectangle to a particular application window. Then, irrespective of how you pass or resize the target window, the capture area will follow.
The Fit to Boundary command resizes the software window to fit into the blue rectangle. On the contrary, the Fit to Application option resizes the blue rectangle to fit into the application window.
Activepresenter for Windows free download

Setting the Webcam and Audio

In this step, I will display you the way to file webcam and audio with ActivePresenter . Using them is ideal for personalizing your video demo.
To set the webcam and audio, take a look at the Audio and Webcam phase inside the Record Video Project dialog. As you notice, the segment has commands. One is for recording webcam, and the opposite is for recording audio. You can select one among them or both.
• Webcam: Click Webcam to allow webcam recording. This is a very new function in ActivePresenter which permits you to have your face inside the recorded video. So, your audience will not only view your screen however moreover they see you. When the webcam is on, a live preview of the camera appears subsequent to the button.
• Audio: Click Audio to reveal this recording alternative on. This feature comes with instructions to seize audio device and audio from microphone. In case of the latter, select one from the microphones detected to report. In addition, there may be a extent scale subsequent to the Audio command. Drag it to alternate the recording quantity if you want.

The Record Video Project dialog includes a Settings menu as well. To get right of entry to this menu, click the Settings button in the top-proper nook of this dialog

Starting the Recording

To start recording, click the Record button , and then the countdown appears. The app will begin recording after the countdown.
At the same time, an ActivePresenter icon is likewise confirmed inside the machine tray. Click this icon to show the Recording Toolbar allowing you to prevent recording and examine the recording status.
• Statistics section: Give you information about the recording. That is, Mode is the modern-day recording venture mode (Video for the Record Video feature). Frame is the modern body kind of the recording. Meanwhile, Dropped shows the wide variety of ignored frames of the recorded video.
• Duration section: Show the cutting-edge period of the recording.
• Audio phase: Show the audio sound level.
• Webcam phase: Show the live preview of webcam.
To cover any phase as verified above, click at the Settings button (3) to reveal the options. Then, unselect the phase you don’t want to show.

Finishing the Recording

To prevent the recording, press CTRL and END. Then, the app moves you to the editor immediately. Your newly recorded video which includes all movements you’ve taken is right earlier than your eyes. In this editor, you’re free to edit the video demo the way you need. So, you’re loose to liberate your creativity!
Finally, if you want to export the video demo, go to the Export tab and click on on Video.
So, don’t wait anymore! Work with ActivePresenter proper now to report your first video demonstration.

ActivePresenter Features

Microphone & Speakers Recording

Record system audio and audio from microphone simultaneously while recording screen. Recording voice-overs and narration separately is also available.

Smart Annotation

Automatically generate the description from the action and target application and insert into slide properly. Make contents almost ready to publish for a quick tutorial.

Lossless Quality

Record with the lossless video codec to ensure the highest quality (100%) in the overall editing process. H.264 lossy codec is also available

Image Editing

Built-in image editor with transparency support allows modifying any image quickly and easily.


Guide the viewer to different parts of the screen by using Zoom-n-Pan. This makes a smoother transition when changing focused area

Closed Caption

Add closed captions to provide more information, make audio transcriptions, and support the deaf or hard-of-hearing audience.

Cursor Path

Emulate the cursor movement with flexible cursor path. Add more visual to cursor path with highlight and click sound.

Multiple Media Layers

Insert multiple videos, audios into a slide.


Hide sensitive information in videos or images by blurring moving and static (non-moving) objects.

Text To Speech

Convert text in any shape/object or closed caption to speech using system Text To Speech engines. Add more voices to make attractive tutorials


Prevent data loss when a power failure or a system crash occurs with backup capabilities.

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